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Shock News For Oz IT World: Graeme Philipson Dies Tragically

It is with great sadness that CDN reports the tragic death of Graeme Philipson, one of the most revered and respected journalists (pictured) writing on the
Australian computing industry – and an early contributor and advisor to Computer Daily News among many others.

Philipson had sustained massive physical and brain injuries a week ago from a bad fall in front of his home, south of Sydney, and never recovered consciousness.

“One of the most proud Australians I’ve ever met, he would have enjoyed the fact that, if he had to go, he went on his favourite day – Australia Day,” lamented
close friend and colleague Alistair Gordon.

“As you might imagine, the suddenness of GP’s passing is a great shock to Sharon and Max and his family. He was full of beans and ready to have a great 2021 and many years beyond.”

CDN managing editor David Frith said: “He has been a great friend and colleague, and a terrific source of in formation about what goes on inside our industry. He
was a huge help in launching CDN and for a time wrote a regular column for us.”

Another well respected colleague, Len Rust, said: “To think I can’t share a joke or a debate or a drink with Graeme again means every IT lunch and event will be a
little more hollow without him.”

Philipson was larger than life as an author, market researcher, computer historian and poet. Apart from technology, he wrote books on business, travel and history
and spoke at dozens of conferences around the world.

He was president of the Australian Computer Museum Society and historian for the Pearcey Foundation. He also wrote The Top 100 Countries and Why You Should Visit Them.

He also penned A Vision Splendid: The History of the Australian Computer Industry, a first on the subject.

His book of original poems, Social Cricket, the Universe and Everything, was published in 2015.

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