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Sennheiser Releases New Bi-Aural Smart Headset

Sennheiser have released the Ambeo Smart Headset, a headset capable of recording 3D video sound.

The smart headset was first showcased as this year’s CES, Sennheiser has teamed up with Apogee Electronics to produce the headset that utilises two microphones to give the impression of realistic three-dimensional sound.

The omni-directional microphones are able to detect subtle changes in timing, volume and timbre that occur in each side of the user’s ear.

“With this new headset you can use you iOS devices camera to record, experience and relive the same balance of three-dimensional sound and 180-degree visual perspective that we as humans are accustomed to in our perspective of the real world,” said Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, Co-CEO of Sennheiser,





The over-ear hook design of the headset makes for a comfortable fit and as a recording device, the Ambeo is also a high-quality in-ear headphones. The built-in microphone allows users to make and receive phone calls.

The headset supports seamless iOS integration, allowing users to easily record audio and video (using the iOS camera app) via a lightning adaptor.

“The first time you put on headphones and hear a video made from the Ambeo Smart Headset, you will be amazed,” said Betty Bennett, Apogee Co-Founder and CEO.

“It adds an entirely new dimension to watching videos and memories captured on your iPhone.”

The Ambeo Smart Headset is available now from JB Hi-Fi, and has an RRP of $495.95.

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