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Sennheiser IFA Showcase To Include VR-Ready Microphone

Sennhesier have revealed that alongside their new PXC 550 and Sennheiser HE 1 headphones, their IFA presence this year will also include a new virtual reality production microphone that allows for professional-grade 3D audio recordings.

Called the AMBEO VR mic, it’s planned to be the first a new series of recording devices.

Sennhesier is expecting the VR microphone to become an important tool as VR productions become more common. 

According to Uwe Cremering, Director Global Marketing Communications at Sennheiser, “We want to give people the opportunity to experience sound in a completely new way”,

“Today, customers are seeing a constant development of new formats and ways to produce music and at the same time the opportunity to consume audio in new ways. These are the very technologies that we have been researching for many years.”

Attendees at this year’s IFA conference in Berlin will have the chance to both go hands-on with the microphone and experience the results.

“With AMBEO, the listener is able to dive into a completely immersive, spatial world of sound”, says Cremering.

There’s no word yet on local availability of pricing.

Expect more information when IFA itself rolls around in September.


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