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Self-Charging Headphones Change The Game

In possibly the greatest announcement since we were allowed to listen to music while walking around, Swedish lifestyle audio brand Urbanista have come up with the first solar-powered, self-charging headphones

Charging in both indoor and outdoor lighting, the Urbanista Los Angeles never stops charging while you’re in light. If that’s not enough “wow” for you, they’re also wireless and ANC, so you can enjoy virtually infinite playtime anywhere, anytime, without the real world bugging you.

Bad for vampires, the Urbanista Los Angeles are pretty much always charging, and have a 50-hour battery reserve.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, they also roll with Siri, Google Assistant and Bluetooth 5.0, and have on-ear detection, ambient sound mode and USB type-C charging.

Available for pre-order now, it’s almost time to hit the streets in the sun and charge up.

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