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Puro Sound Labs Unveils New Kids Headphones

Puro Sound Labs, known for manufacturing children’s headphones, has revealed its new PuroQuiet Plus headphones, adding a USB-C connector and two new colours to the range.

They feature an aluminium construction, noise-isolating ear pads, and employ Puro Balanced Response digital signal processing for volume limiting.

Volume stops at 85dB, however enhanced audio quality provides the full spectrum to be heard at any level.

These headphones come with an ANC feature, which suppresses ambient noise levels, blocking out noise and background sounds up to 22dB. It also has 82% noise isolation.

Additionally, it can calm children down in a loud, unfamiliar environment, reduce noise related stress, and increase overall focus on one thing.

Puro Sound Labs are the first company to be Certified Sensory Inclusive.

Other features include the latest Bluetooth profiles, a highly sensitive microphone, and up to 16 hours active battery life.

The headphones use the latest Bluetooth v4.0 technology to connect to other devices. Said connections can last up to 16 hours with ANC on, and they can be used for up to 200 hours in standby mode between charges.

They can stay wirelessly connected up to 30 feet as well. They also come with a leather wrapped headband and ear cushions that weigh 169g.

The Puro Sound Lab PuroQuiet Plus wireless kids headphones are currently available from Amazon in six colours for U$139.99 (approx. A$214). Official Australian pricing and availability is still to be revealed.

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