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Seagate Releases Mammoth New Hard Drives

Seagate has released three new hard drive models each with 12Tb storage, making it the largest and fastest hard drives currently on the market.

The three new drives that Seagate have released are: the 12Tb IronWolf and IronWolf Pro for NAS and the BarraCuda Pro Desktop Drive.


The hard drives are capable of storing 4k video files and large amounts of RAW image photos, perfect for the professional creative industry.

The IronWolf and IronWolf Pro in a 3.5″ drive and allows multiple users to access the drive at once and supports file sharing as well as remote access.

The BarraCuda Pro is a 3.5″ drive, with a speed of 7,200 rpm, and reportedly comes with a price tag of US$530 (AUD$683).

Each drive has a 5-year limited warranty. More information on the drives is available here.


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