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$1.5M OZ Fund For Online Games

Screen Australia announced that it will fund 11 games spanning VR, adventure, horror, etc., for $1.5 million via the Games: Expansion Pack Fund.

The Games: Expansion Pack focuses on new and smaller-sized indie studios with game budgets below $500,000.

The funded titles include Bilkins’ Folly (Webbysoft), The Sacred Acorn, Copycat (Spoonful of Wonder), Ghost Cam (Arch Rebels), Misc. A Tiny Tale (Tinyware Games).

Misc. A Tiny Tale (Tinyware Games)

The news follows as the government launched Revive, a new cultural policy supporting creative sectors such as film, television, and music.

It will provide an additional $12 million across four years to support game developers in Australia.

CEO of Screen Australia Graeme Mason said, “There are huge opportunities for growth in the local games sector. The Government’s…investment to support digital games developers and small and medium independent games studios will enable Screen Australia to support more Australian developers to create original games, build sustainable businesses and attract local and global audiences.”

“Alongside the recent announcement of Revive, we’re pleased to support this exciting mix of games from all across Australia that are bringing to life distinctly Aussie stories…” said Screen Australia Head of Online Lee Naimo.

Applications for the fund are open until 4th May 2023.