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Schneider Electric Launches PowerTag Energy Sensor

Schneider Electric have launched a new product designed to make monitoring electrical assets easier for building owners and facility managers.

The PowerTag can be installed on any type of building, and is able to provide real-time measurements of currents, voltages, power, power factor and energy.

According to Schneider Electric, the PowerTag can be connected easily installed to a miniature circuit breaker within five minutes, and is made easier without the need for complex wiring.

“Customers are demanding solutions that will meet the critical challeges of asset and energy management, today and beyond,” said Schneider Electric Pacific zone president Gareth O’Reilly.

“PowerTag is a great option because it makes asset and energy management much simpler. The majority of circuit breakers can now be tagged, bringing electrical distribution connectivity into a new era.”

Data from the PowerTag can be wirelessly sent to a concentrator and displayed via a webpage, or to other energy management and building management systems. Customised mail alerts can also be set up to enable remote monitoring.

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