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Samsung’s Oscar Performance Reveals The Galaxy Flip Z

The night of nights for Hollywood and its greatest, most acclaimed actors saw a surprise guest at yesterday’s show – Samsung.

The Korean-based tech giant gave a surprise glimpse of its upcoming Galaxy Z Flip smartphone in a teaser during the Academy Awards.

Amid months of speculation, rumours and leaks, the device was revealed during the show ahead of what many consider its launch date at tonight’s Galaxy Unpacked event.

The first peak of the highly anticipated flip phone focused on its ability to sit at a 90-degree angle during video calls and showcased its sleek design.

But the tech giant also noted the presence of a ‘small crease’ on the screen was a ‘normal characteristic.’

The surprise advert also confirmed that previously leaked renders of the Galaxy Z Flip, as reported on by ChannelNews, were accurate.

The device was showcased in two different options – black and purple – and appeared to feature a smaller outer screen on its shell, which will display notification. This again confirmed previous leaks and reports on its renders.

The Galaxy Z Flip is set to mark Samsung’s second flip phone after the release of last year’s Galaxy Fold – which was unfortunately plagued by a host of teething problems.

(Photo: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip)

‘The challenges of their [previous] smartphone put additional pressure on Samsung to show its strength,’ said IDC analyst Marta Pinto ahead of Tuesday’s event, the BBC reports.

Major defects with the Galaxy Z Flip saw broken screens and issues with a removable protective layer, which proved to be a source of embarrassment for one of the world’s biggest tech and smartphone companies.

Samsung has also seen declining smartphone sales amid strong competition from rivals, including China’s Huawei, Motorola’s upcoming revamped Razr and Apple’s iPhones.

To make matters worse, tech website Ars Technica labelled the Galaxy Fold a ‘master class’ in how to not make a flip phone.

(Photo: Samsung’s Galaxy Fold)

But this time, Samsung appears to be determined to fight off criticism by pre-emptily warning consumers in its advert about the small crease ‘in the centre of the main screen (which) is a natural characteristic.’

Motorola also shared a similar warning to consumers through a YouTube video for its newly released Razr device, saying ‘bumps and lumps’ on the screen were ‘normal.’

Samsung is yet to reveal a price tag for the Galaxy Z Flip, but Motorola’s Razr currently retails for US $1,500 or $2,699 in Australia.

This week is the most important for Samsung, with expected unveiling of the widely leaked Samsung Galaxy S20 range at the Galaxy Unpacked event, which also showcases other products to bolster sales for the year ahead.

(Photo: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip)


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