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Samsung’s New AirDresser Sanitises, Deodorises & Straightens

The new AirDresser – which uses Samsung’s Jet Air technology and steam to remove germs, allergens and dust – is now available in Australia for $3,999. By removing dust and odours, as well as straightening out lighter wrinkles, the AirDresser reduces the need for washes and dry-cleans, saving consumers time and money.

In addition, the AirDresser’s high-temperature steam can sanitise garments, eliminating up to 99.9% of certain types of allergy-causing bacteria, house mites, dust and viruses.

This is a feature that will appeal to many consumers, as more than 4 million Australians suffer from at least one allergy. It’s worth noting that the AirDresser has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

The AirDresser is versatile too – you can put other items in there, like soft toys and most leather shoes, and have them sanitised as well.

It offers around 20 cycles – including a long cycle (which lasts 2 hours), a suit cycle, a school uniform cycle, and a 20-minute cycle – to meet your needs.

Once the AirDresser has steamed your clothes, it gently dries them at a low temperature with Samsung’s Heatpump Drying technology, which minimises heat damage and shrinkage. The Wrinkle Care tech helps to smooth out wrinkles through a combination of steam and air, reducing the need for ironing.

If placed inside a walk-in wardrobe, the AirDresser can also protect clothes in humid environments. When the door is left open and a de-humidification cycle is selected, the AirDresser will draw in and extract moisture from the air, helping to prevent mould.

As the AirDresser does not require any plumbing, just a standard power socket, it can be placed anywhere it will fit (W x H x D: 515 x 1950 x 745 mm).

As it does not have connected plumbing, users will just need to fill up the small water container on the left, and remove the water from the right once it is filled with used water.

“With AirDresser, we’re helping Australians to quickly and easily refresh and care for their clothes while also enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the elimination of dust and odours,” said Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.

“Whether due to issues of poor air quality or a heightened awareness of everyday hygiene measures, people are more conscious of the spread of odours and germs than ever before, which is why AirDresser is so relevant to many Australians.”

More information can be found at Samsung.com/au.

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