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Samsung’s Bixby Takes First Steps

Samsung have begun the process of rolling out voice commands for its new Bixby voice assistant, launched alongside the company’s new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

As reported by ZDNet, Samsung sent out a notification to all Galaxy S8 owners in the company’s homeland of South Korea to inform them that voice commands are now available for the feature.

While a version of Bixby did arrive with the Galaxy S8 late last month, it lacked a number of major features – such as voice command integration.

Bixby is being pitched a comprehensive voice assistant tool designed to integrate across Samsung’s product ecosystem and leverage AI technology to create a more personalized and intuitive smartphone experience.

However, the early response to the AI assistant has been the one area where reviewers and early consumer sentiment has been mixed, with many concluding that it’s too early to tell if Bixby will prove the game changer Siri was for the iPhone.

It’s expected that the voice commands update will roll out to the US and other territories within the next month or two.

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