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Samsung Won’t Offer Display-Based Fingerprint Sensor Until Note 9

New reports out of analytics firm KGI suggest that Samsung won’t look to adopt a fingerprint sensor built-into the display until the launch of 2018’s Galaxy Note 9.

According to the report, “since [Apple’s] OLED iPhone has cancelled under-display fingerprint recognition/touch ID function, and as Galaxy S9 will have the new selling points of upgraded iris recognition and dual camera, Samsung has no need to risk adopting under-display optical fingerprint solution in a hurry.”

The argument being made by KGI is that without the threat of Apple to egg it on, Samsung can afford to take their time when it comes to making the jump.

The firm predict a display-based fingerprint sensor won’t arrive in the hands of Samsung users until the Galaxy Note 9, skipping both this year’s Galaxy Note 8 and next year’s Galaxy S9.

Though highly-anticipated and (as of yet) officially unrevealed, the Galaxy Note 8 has already taken some flack from the tech press over the decision to stick with a rear-mounted fingerprint-sensor over Qualcomm’s newer display-based solution.

Although patents filed by Apple had previously suggested the company was looking into adopting the feature the current timeline for this year’s iPhone, it’s since been all-but-confirmed that the company has pushed back its efforts in the area.


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