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Samsung Walks Away From LG OLED TV Deal

Demand for TV’s is falling with inflation concerns hurting the market, this has led to Samsung deciding to not launch a Samsung OLED TV’s this year featuring white(W)-OLED panels.

Insiders have told ChannelNews that Samsung is currently working on a new technology that they believe is superior to OLED and will result in them not having to buy panels from LG Display and that they would prefer to wait for the market to come back.

Prototypes of the new Samsung TV technology could be shown at IFA in Berlin in September or held for release at CES 2023.

Sources claim ‘Samsung is in no hurry to launch W-OLED TVs as it did before’ they said.

As far as the Qatar World Cup 2022 event set for November Samsung believe their current line-up is “as good as OLED” and “Cheaper” and that consumers will notice “little difference” between OLED panel and their current NEO QLED panels.

FIFA World Cups result is some of the biggest sale of TVs in Europe as consumers move to upgrade to a new generation model.

South Korean publication THEELAC claims that When Samsung started negotiations with LG Display last year to buy the panels, LCD prices were also still high, and it was before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s strict lockdown measures over a resurgence of the virus in China.

It’s also been revealed that Samsung asked LG Display to co-develop W-OLED technologies going forward during the negotiation, but this appears to have been rejected.

The South Korean tech giant’s postponement to launch W-OLED TVs will negatively affect LG Display’s W-OLED shipment target for this year, which the company set at 10 million units.

That figured included 2 million units that Samsung were expected to buy.

Samsung Display has also postponed the installation of a pilot production line for quantum dot nanorod LED (QNED) panels

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