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IFA 2018: Samsung Unveils High-Speed Portable Drive

Samsung has unveiled the Portable SSD X5, its first NVMe-Thunderbolt based portable solid state drive (SSD) for Macs and PCs.

Samsung says leveraging synergies between NVMe and Thunderbolt 3 technologies makes X5 ideal for professionals working with heavy multimedia files. It incorporates Thunderbolt 3’s 40Gbps bandwidth – up to four times faster than USB 3.1 and offers a read speed of up to 2,800 MB/s, which is up to 5.2 times faster than the widely used SATA interface portable SSDs, and up to 25.5 times faster than external HDDs.

The drive also has a write speed of 2,300MB/s, which Samsung claims will allow a user to transfer a 20GB-sized 4K UHD video in just 12 seconds.

The X5 comes with a three-year limited warranty and will available globally from September 3, with a manufacturers’ suggested retail price (MSRP) starting at US$399.99 for the 500GB model, US$699.99 for the 1TB model and US$1,399.99 for the 2TB model.

Commenting on the launch, Samsung Electronics Australia director of B2B sales Claudio Cardile, said: “The Portable SSD X5 is ideal for people who need fast, reliable technology that does not compromise on delivering the best possible outcomes. The Portable SSD X5 will help Australians edit high resolution videos, render 3D images, and engage in other data-heavy activities quickly and on the go.

“This product breaks new ground for our premium SSD portfolio and will open our customers to incredible speed and storage, as well as read and write capacity.”

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