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Bosch & Miele Go Head To Head At IFA 2018

As Bosch looks to take market share away from arch rival Miele in the Australian appliance market both Companies went head to head today at IFA with Miele being first out of the gate with major announcements.

Miele unveiled the all new G 7000 dishwasher, which they claimed was the industry’s first automatic detergent dispensing system. ChannelNews understands that the dishwasher will not be launched in Australia this year.

Meanwhile Bosch introduced an entire suite of new smart appliances that’d look right at place on the Death Star but again don’t bank on an Australian launch any time soon.

As for the Miele G 7000 this dishwasher employs a detergent-dispensing system called PowerDisk that uses sensor-monitoring to meter out an amount of powder granulate detergent commensurate with what is loaded inside the washer.

One PowerDisk is good for 20 cycles, said the company. The G 7000 is also Wi-Fi-connected and can be programmed to start automatically at certain times.  Via a smartphone app, the dishwasher also notifies the owner as to when to replenish the PowerDisk. The dishwasher’s technology was detailed by Miele Executive Director Dr. Markus Miele.

Then came the M Chef gourmet food delivery service, which makes available to owners of the Miele Dialog oven – introduced to great fanfare at IFA 2017 and having just started delivering to consumers in the European market a few weeks ago – with the ingredients to prepare up to six plated dishes simultaneously with an average cooking time of 20 minutes.

The Dialog oven uses electromagnetic cooking technology whereby twin electromagnetic wave antennas receive intermittent readings every 10 seconds on how much of transmitted cooking energy has been absorbed by the food, and a sensor adjusts temperatures accordingly, sometimes cutting cooking time by up to 70 percent.

The new Bosch offering consisted of a new range of luxury appliances in “Carbon Black” finishes featuring reflective glass faces, the look was seriously out there.

These include a refrigerator, a wall oven, a countertop range, an automatic coffeemaker, a microwave, a dishwasher and even a fancy drawer dedicated to sous vide cooking.

Bosch’s new smart countertop range practically does the cooking for you. Meanwhile, the smart range hood overhead will turn on automatically as soon as it senses someone cooking nearby.

They also revealed a smart range hood with a feature called PerfectAir that essentially gives the thing a sense of smell. If it detects any particularly odorous molecules lingering in the air after you fry fish, for instance, it’ll automatically kick on the fan to help clear the air.

Meanwhile, their new oven uses the same PerfectBake and PerfectRoast settings we’ve seen previously to smarten up your cooking routine using a built-in thermal probe.

Bosch was one of the first big names to start putting cameras into refrigerators, with models dating all the way back to 2014, pre-dating the high-profile Family Hub fridge from Samsung. Now, those fridges are all set to get a bit smarter.

Specifically, Bosch’s camera fridges will now be able to identify up to 60 different kinds of fruits and vegetables on sight. From there, the fridge will add them to your digital inventory and even offer item-specific advice on the best spots to store everything to prolong the freshness.

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