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Samsung To Roll Out New 2022 TV Range With New Display & Sound Technology

Despite claims that Samsung Australia is struggling with supplies of TV’s, the South Korean TV powerhouse is set to roll out a new range of premium TV’s including 8K and 4K models that deliver significantly improved display and audio output.

The new range of Neo QLED TV’s is currently being shipped to retailers with stock set to be in stores for a pre-Easter launch according to sources.

Archrival LG Electronics have not said when they will release their new OLED range with a big battle looming between the two South Korean rivals this year as they both go after the premium TV market.

Samsung’s premium line-up for 2022 will consist of 4K models such as QN95B and QN90B as well as the 8KQN900B and QN800B models.

The 2022 “Neo QLED” models use a MiniLED backlight with new zone dimming technology.

At the top end is an 8K range of QN900B TV’s which will be available in 65, 75 and 85 inches.

One of the key new features will be Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor which now includes advanced contrast mapping with a ‘BLU ’backlight unit that significantly increases the brightness of the display.

The technology allows Samsung to a jump from 12-bit gradation to 14-bit, resulting in greater control of each Mini LED which are powered by a new Quantum Matrix Technology Pro engine, which delivers greater control of each mini-LEDs.

Also on board is 14-bit HDR, which significantly improves the rendering of scenes with high contrasts of dark and bright hues.

The heart of the Samsung Neo QLED 2022 is a new neural processor using artificial intelligence to greatly improve image quality.

Samsung says the new TV’s will regulate brightness across 16,384 zones instead of the 4096 in the 2021 models.

A new feature called ‘Real Depth Enhancer,’ coupled with new Ai algorithms allows the TV to distinguish objects against a background.

This allows the processing of scenes different to past processing resulting in a greater sense of depth, a tad like 3D.

Also new to the 2022 models is much improved speaker array with the introduction of improved multidirectional speakers with Dolby Atmos technology built in.

The speakers deliver power output of up to 90 watts.

Samsung has also included Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), a technology that directs sound to move around the room by simulating how objects on the screen move.

The high-end models feature four HDMI 2.1 ports for 4K at up to 144fps or 120fps as well as VRR (variable refresh rate) and AMD Freesync Premium Pro.

For the first time some of Samsung’s new TVs can refresh at up to 144Hz which is ideal when hooked up to a PC that supports 144Hz.

In 2022, Samsung is also switching from the bottom bar to a full screen home screen as part of a refresh of the Tizen operating system and this appears to be more about Samsung delivering their own content while also being able to charge 3rd parties for access to the Samsung TV real estate.

The refresh will be exclusive to the 2022 models as previous models do not receive OS upgrades.

Tizen is now divided into three sections: Media, Game (Gaming Hub) and Ambient. There is also a large “sponsored” spot for ads which will see Samsung compete with free to air TV in Australia in an effort to strip revenue away from TV stations.

The South Korean Company has also appointed a media agent to sell TV real estate to advertisers.

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