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Elastic Resolve Dispute With Amazon

Elastic – the company behind Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack – have resolved a trademark infringement lawsuit with Amazon. The dispute related to the term Elasticsearch.

Amazon has now started removing the term from various pages on its website, as well as from its service names and related project pages.

Elastic had originally felt Amazon using Elasticsearch in their service name and related project names was causing confusion.

Elastic changed the license of Elasticsearch and Kibana earlier this year to help provide clarity.

Shay Banon, their founder and chief technology officer, says, “Elastic and Amazon have reached a mutually-agreeable resolution of the trademark infringement lawsuit. We see this as a significant step in removing the confusion in the marketplace because there is only one Elasticsearch, and it’s only from Elastic.”

Founded in 2012, Elastic is a search company built on a free and open heritage. They offer three solutions for enterprise search, observability, and security, built on one technology stack that can be deployed anywhere.

From finding documents to monitoring infrastructure to hunting for threats, Elastic makes data usable in real-time and at scale. Organisations such as  eBay, Microsoft, NASA, Wikipedia, and Verizon, use Elastic to power mission-critical systems.

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