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Samsung To Build 5G Network With Spark In New Zealand

Spark New Zealand 5G

Samsung electronics has signed on to take part in building the Spark 5G network in New Zealand.

Spark, which is New Zealand’s largest mobile carrier, announced in late 2019 that it was planning to launch mobile and wireless broadband 5G services at more major centres from mid-2020. The provider offered its first 5G wireless broadband services at select locations in September last year.

Samsung was a key part of the initial 5G testing conducted at Spark Labs in 2019.

It is hoped that Samsung will implement the scalable solutions needed for cost-effective deployment.

For example, Samsung will provide compact Massive MIMO radios that are designed to save space on tower tops. Already, Samsung’s Massive MIMO radios have been rolled out nationwide by three mobile operators in Korea, and it is set to be commercialised in Japan later this month.

Other parts that Samsung delivers for 5G include chipset, radio, and core to cloud platform for mid-band (2.5GHz/3.5GHz) and mmWave (28Ghz/39GHz) frequencies.

This latest agreement adds to Samsung’s experience in 5G commercialisation – the company supported 5G roll out in Korea and the US and is currently working on the 5G network in Japan.

“One of the main reasons we selected Samsung was their 5G New Radio solutions, which deliver enhanced network capability, high-quality connections and state-of-art technology,” said Rajesh Singh, General Manager of Value Management of Spark New Zealand.


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