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Samsung Tease Next-Gen Soundbar

While the company’s QLED TV range was front and center of Samsung’s recent Sydney Opera House-based launch event, some attention was also given to the company’s next-generation MS750 Sound+ Series of soundbars.

Engineered out of Audiolab, whom Samsung invested into several years ago, the new range promises to deliver the best sound quality, “no matter what you’re playing.”

The company say that topping their last Dolby Atmos-enabled Soundbar wasn’t an easy task but they got there with the MS750.

The new soundbar features a one-body design and six in-built woofers, capable of working in sync or independently.

Samsung also talked up the MS750’s smarts. They say it’ll automatically analyses and matched equalizer settings to the content you’re listening to.

The company say the anti-distortion technology built into the MS750 will enable it to deliver sub-bass frequencies and a deeper base than you’d find in similar products.

As with most Samsung products, it’s designed to be used with other Samsung products.

You can daisy-chain the power cables from the new QLED TV range through the soundbar so as to keep things neat and the MS750 even packs a Sound+ mount that cleanly integrates with the “no-gap” wall-mount found in the new Q7,Q8 and Q9 QLED TVs.

Pricing has yet to be announced.

Australian availability is also to be determined but expected sometime in 2017.

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