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Nintendo Switch 1.5M Launch Floated By Zelda Sales

According to new research out of SuperData, 89% of Nintendo Switch owners bought The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to play following the console’s launch on March 3rd.

While this isn’t too surprising given the sparse software available for the Switch at present, it does pose questions about just how many of the 1.5 million units sold during its first week on sale were driven by the Zelda brand.

The firm says that the Nintendo Switch version of the game sold 1.34 million copies within its first week on sale.

SuperData says that 500,000 consoles were sold in the US, 360,000 were sold in Japan while Europe contributed the rest.

Nintendo have previously set 2 million units shipped by the end of March as their goal, so these numbers suggest they are making strong headway.

However, again, the lack of software might prove to be an obstacle when it comes to gaining momentum in the market.

Given the system’s next big first-party release, Mario Kart 8 HD, won’t arrive until the end of April, it likely won’t take long before we find out if that proves to be the case.

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