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Samsung Set To Face 5G Market Share Problems When Apple Launch Later This Year

Samsung Electronics market leadership in the 5G smartphone market will be taken over by Apple when their archrival launches a new range tipped for October 2020.

While there will be little movement between iOS and Android camps, iOS smartphone owners have up until now not been able to buy a 5G Apple smartphone leaving Samsung to dominate the Australian market up against a struggling 5G Oppo device and a poor performing LG 5G offering.

In Australia Samsung has also had the luxury of not having to compete up against Huawei who are tipped to also put pressure on Samsung globally especially in China and Asian markets, however this could change as Indian nationals look to dump all things Chinese.

According to Strategy Analytics’ the total 5G smartphone sales this year is expected to reach 234 million devices, accounting around 15 percent of all smartphone sales.

The number of 5G-compatible phones sold last year was 18.6 million, it added.

The report is tipping Huawei to become the world’s top 5G smartphone seller this year with a 27.3 percent market share, backed by the robust demand from China’s vast domestic market.

Several US analysts claim this prediction has not taken into account the anti-Huawei sentiment due to security concerns and a lack of Google apps on Huawei devices in markets such as Australia, India, the USA and in the UK where Huawei is tipped to be stopped from being a supplier of 5G equipment to UK carriers or Government departments.

Huawei will be followed by Apple with 21.4 percent and Samsung Electronics with 17.8 percent market shares, the Strategy Analytics’ report claims.

Next year, Apple is expected to beat the Chinese handset maker by securing robust sales in the US and Europe in line with expansion of 5G services in these markets the report said. The global 5G smartphone market will grow to mark total smartphone sales of 600 million units.

The report expected Apple’s share in the global 5G cell phone market to increase at 24.2 percent in 2021, closely followed by Huawei with 22.2 percent. Samsung Electronics’ share in the market is expected to fall to 15.1 percent.

Samsung Electronics’ market share depends on how fast emerging nations — like India and Indonesia — introduce and expand their 5G network services in the future, according to an industry source.

One problem could be the economic fallout in these nations from the COVID-19 pandemic which is expected to delay the expansion of the services, the source added.

Samsung is set to launch several new 5G models on August 5th at a global reveal event.

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