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Samsung Reviewing Options To Limit Galaxy Note 7 Environmental Impact

Samsung is reviewing potential options to limit the environmental impact of 4.3 million recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices.

The company has not yet announced what will happen to the recovered devices, with sales totaling over three million before the global recall, or what will happen to devices that remained unsold.

“We recognize the concerns around the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 and are currently reviewing possible options that can minimize the environmental impact of the recall in full compliance with relevant local environmental regulations,” Samsung said.

The company previously announced it would not be repairing, refurbishing or reselling the devices in any way.

Greenpeace has called upon Samsung to ensure rare elements inside the smartphones, such as gold, cobalt and tungsten, are recovered and reused.

“Now is the perfect opportunity for the brand to show leadership and vision, breaking with the old ways and opening the door to rethinking how it designs, sells and reuses its electronics,” the environmental group said in a statement.

Greenpeace also requested Samsung to be transparent in how it plans to dismantle and dispose of the Galaxy Note 7 devices.


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