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Samsung Releases New Smartwach and ‘IconX Earbuds’

Today, Samsung announced the arrival of its swim-ready Gear Sport smartwatch and updated ergonomic Gear IconX earbuds, with state of the art smart capabilities and a sophisticated elegant design.

The Gear Sport offers a great 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display, heart-rate monitor, water resistance, and a caffeine intake recorder. It offers convenience with the Samsung Pay feature, and comes in two colours black and blue.

The Gear Sport makes it simple to monitor calorie intake and gives advice and tips for Australians to stay on track for their diet and health goals.

Samsung has collaborated with Speedo to develop the Speedo On-app which enables Australians to monitor their swimming progress through synced strokes and lap records.

The cord-free iconX earbuds are the second announced product from Samsung today. These light-weight earbuds offer good battery life capacity, internal storage capacity of 3.4GB, and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.

This device is categorized as the perfect wellness companion for other Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Note8 and S8 Smartphones to help consumers reach their target weight and stay healthy.

The Samsung Gear Sport and the Gear IconX are now available at Samsung branded retail stores and Samsung online stores.

The Gear Sport will sell for $499 and the Gear IconX will sell for about $299. These prices are inclusive of GST.

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