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Samsung Has A New Way To Track Your Sex Life

Samsung has a new Galaxy Ring and after plenty of leaks, sneak peaks, and a lot of teasing the device has been launched with no pricing for the Australian market despite overseas markets given a price of around $699 which is expensive, though it could give you a new insight to your sex life.

Basically, this is a smart ring that comes in three colorus: gold, silver, and black.

All have a titanium frame, but the begging question is why a ring when you have a smartphone and a watch to track your life and in particular your health.

And yes, you can swim with it as it’s got 10ATM of water resistance and an IP68 rating.

At 7mm wide and 2.6mm thick, I suspect this is going to be a questionable choice.

It weighs in at 2.3 and 3g, depending on the size which range from size five to 13.

There is one benefit with the inclusion of a seriously neat charging case.

So why is Samsung launching the Ring?

Basically, it’s primary purpose is to discreetly track your healthandyoursexlife,though I am not sure whether it detects a fake orgasm.

The built in sensors include an accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor (including green, red, and infrared LEDs), and skin temperature sensor.

You’ll also be able to track sleep, heart rate data, and activity and of course there is AI technology built into the device which still has to be linked with another device which is where I suspect the AI is going to reside.

For those into health tracking and need another device other than a smartphone or watch the Ring does include new Energy Score and Wellness software.

the Galaxy Ring puts a big emphasis on sleep like tracking how many times you turn over sleep latency, and heart and respiratory rate.

I am still trying to work out what it records when you have sex.

Thou it does track irregular heart rhythms.

Apart from its health and activity tracking features, Galaxy Ring features some basic remote control functions via a pinch gesture. You can pinch your thumb and index fingers while wearing the ring to trigger the camera shutter on your paired Galaxy phone or dismiss alarms. These features are currently limited to the Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 but Samsung confirmed it will add support for the Galaxy S24 series down the line.

Galaxy Ring also supports the Samsung Find network and can flash its LEDs to help you locate if it’s misplaced.

At this stage, the ring is Android only (provided your Android phone can run the Samsung Health app) which is where most of the work is done when it comes to tracking.

The new Health AI features like Energy Score won’t be available if you have a non-Galaxy phone so you have to buy Samsung Galaxy device to use it.


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