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New Samsung Galaxy Flip & Fold 6 Take Premium Smartphones To A New Level

If ever there was a reason to buy a new foldable smartphone, it’s now, with Samsung who are on their 6th version of their Flip and foldable devices delivering a device that makes Apple look as if they are a brand who have forgotten how to innovate, and while the new devices look similar it’s where it counts that Samsung is delivering a massive point of difference.

Software, practicality and a new level of functionality make the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Flip 6 the must have premium smartphone devices, with the Companies South Korean designers using  Samsung developed AI to deliver a whole new set of capabilities, such as on the fly language translation, that allow you to simply flip a screen point it at someone who does not speak the same language as you and as soon as you speak your question is appearing on a screen in their native language.

This is next generation translation.

Live Translate is part of the significantly advanced Galaxy AI, that only works with the built-in mobile app. However, this will change soon as Samsung gradually starts adding support for more widely used instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Moreover, Samsung promises to add more languages with Australian English now on board.

You should expect support for 16 languages by the end of July and 20 by the end of this year.

And as Apple punts on a third party to help them out with AI a move that Elan Musk claims is “crazy” Samsung has taken smartphone AI to a new level in their new Flip and Fold devices as well as their new buds and a new range of watches that interconnect with the Fold and Flip.

Key standouts

  • Live Translate (translates conversations on Samsung’s native calling app and third-party apps like WhatsApp)
  • Note Assist (translation and summaries via Samsung Notes)
  • Portrait Studio (creates 3D avatars based on your portraits)
  • PDF overlay translation (text translation in PDFs)
  • Composer (generates text for emails and social media apps
  • Interpreter (Galaxy AI steps in and translates languages between two participants)
  • Instant Slow mo (instantly slow down videos)

For the creatives out there, Samsung has developed a new Sketch-to-Image Galaxy AI feature, which delivers image-based options from a sketches and drawings to a finished image.

In addition to the Samsung developed AI the Company has hooked up with Google with the big search Companies Gemini app built into the Z Fold 6 (and other Galaxy Z series devices). A

After saying “Hey Google,” you can invoke the Gemini overlay, allowing you to get started with AI-facilitated tasks.

Everything on the new devices is crystal clear with the Flip 120Hz 2,376 x 968-pixel AMOLED cover display now 6.3 inches, up from 6.2 inches. The display also delivers 2,600 nits.

$150 more expensive than last year’s model, the new Flip 6 is $1,799.

Pre-orders begin in Australia on 11 July, with launch set for 31 July.

Consumers have the choice between four colours very smart colours: Blue, Silver Shadow, Mint, and Yellow.

In an effort to get consumers to shop direct, Samsung has held several colours back for sales via their online store they include Crafted Black, White, and Peach.

$1,799 (12GB RAM + 256GB storage)

$1,999 (12GB RAM + 512GB storage)

Galaxy Z Fold6 is $2,749 (12GB+ 256 GB) or $2,949 (12GB + 512GB) another option is $3,299 (12GB + 1TB) Colours include Silver Shadow, Pink, Navy.

The new Galaxy Z Fold 6 has the latest and greatest octa-core Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

With enhanced processing power, improved power efficiency, Samsung has been able to deliver a boost in ray tracing.

With the chip upgrade also comes a 1.6x larger vapor chamber compared to the Z Fold 5, meaning it stays cooler under the hood while playing games or using demanding apps.


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