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Carriers Boosting A Series Sales As Samsung Grows Premium Market Business Claims New Mobile Boss

The new head of Samsung mobile operations in Australia Eric Chou (seen below) claims the premium end of their smartphone business is growing and that their A series have been given a big boost with the turning off in Australia of the 3G networks, there is also strong speculation that the business is set to launch a new Snapdragon Elite Notebbok packed with AI features.

The biggest contributor to the A series sales growth is carriers who had access to the identity of 3G customers who needed to move to a new device.

Speaking just before he was heading to Paris for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip devices Chou said “We are seeing positive growth in the premium market with our current range” he said.

“Our growth in A series is coming entirely from operators (Telstra Vodafone and Optus) we are also witnessing a major surge in volume off the back of the 3G migration”.

Chou believes that the new range of Samsung foldables will also deliver growth due to the development of new software and the development of the Companies own artificial intelligence.

“We are proud of our hardware legacy especially as we are now into the sixth generation of the fold and Flip models”.

“As for our AI software Samsung is working to have a complete openness with both our partners while working to get the best AI devices into the hands of our customers”.

Samsung’s new phones add a bevy of new artificial intelligence features that Chou said would help differentiate the company’s products while also delivering sales for the South Korean Company.

Among the new software offering is an automatic interpreter that now works with calls in social apps like WhatsApp or WeChat to allow people to converse in different languages, extending the function first introduced with their previous Galaxy S24.

All Samsung premium devices now have the Companies new AI software, Samsung’s Galaxy AI suite also benefits from Google’s AI tools, which is being propagated across Android.

Samsung is also working with other partners, like Microsoft and its Copilot+ Windows software.

ChannelNews asked Chou whether it was time to bring back Samsung notebooks into the market considering that they now have an AIO advantage along with devices that could easily interconnect with a notebook.

He did not deny that they are currently talking to retailers about a notebook return, he even singled out the Galaxy Book4 Edge that houses the new Snapdragon Elite processor that the Company claims deliver a ‘transformative AI-powered experiences for work and creativity’

At last night’s Samsung event in Paris Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of platforms and devices, reaffirmed the company’s plans to roll out an extended-reality headset platform with Samsung.

Which according to Samsung executives is “coming this year.”

Previous attempts by Samsung in this market have failed.

Chou believes that Samsung also has the technology advantage over their competitors especially when it comes to delivering NPU power which is needed for AI processors.

The new Flip and Fold 6 deliver a 44% increase in NPPU processing capability.

The new handsets’ improvements also include an updated Samsung Keyboard that will generate text based on keywords, reflecting the user’s usual tone by analyzing their previous social media posts.

Samsung’s S Pen stylus on the Fold can also be used to sketch an idea or draw on top of photos, which the device will then convert into a generated image.

In Australia Samsung is working to build out an ecosystem of products that leans heavily into health and wellness as well as the premium segment where they currently dominate with Apple who has chosen to work with Open AI as opposed to developing their own AI platform.

One of the highlights debuted in Paris is the $699 (tipped price) Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Watch Ultra.

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