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Samsung Gear’s VR Headsets Aid Visually Impaired

Samsung’s C-Lab program has launched Relumino, a Gear VR app which uses augmented reality to alleviate vision problems.

The app can adjust the contrast of what a user is looking at, magnify the picture, help adjust your field of view – to deal with blind spots/tunnel vision – whilst also outlining objects and filtering colours.

It is an English-supported free app available in the Oculus store.

While Samsung acknowledges it may be impractical to walk around wearing your phone and a VR headset, the app is mostly for ‘special’ situations.

It does, however, lead to it a forthcoming future development which is Samsung’s ‘glasses-like’ hardware, used to achieve a similar result in a more socially acceptable manner.

Reports state even at its current state, Relumino may be valuable for visually impaired individuals who desire to supplement their eyesight in lieu of splurging on expensive specialised equipment.

Samsung says of the innovation’s benefits:

“Relúmĭno was first designed to help visually impaired people enjoy daily activities such as watching TV and reading books like people with no physical handicap. The project members named its application ‘Relúmĭno’ meaning ‘Light up again’ in Latin as they wanted to help the visually impaired people feel the joy of daily activities that most people usually take for granted.”

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