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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Date Leaks

The launch date for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 looks to have been leaked ahead of the device’s official reveal on the 23rd of August.

“We are going to sell Galaxy Note 8 starting from the 15th of September,” a representative for a South Korean carrier told ET News.

According to ETNews, the company’s phablet is set for a homeland launch only three weeks after its official reveal.

While another source told the Korean outlet that “there is almost zero chance that it will change the release date of Galaxy Note 8”, it’s unknown exactly how soon after a worldwide rollout will follow.

Traditionally, Samsung have rolled out their flagship Note device to the US and other markets a week or so after South Korea.

However, it’s likely that Samsung will apply the same “preorders-first” fulfilment strategy used to launch the S8 – where those who got in early got their devices a week ahead of retailers