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Samsung Debut Rugged, Durable Pro Plus SD Cards

Samsung has unveiled its new durable, rugged Pro Plus and EVO Plus SD cards for content creators and photo enthusiasts – pledging seamless functionality across a plethora of devices.

The two new SD card lines claim to deliver exceptionally fast speeds, and function seamlessly across DSLR, mirrorless and compact cameras, plus camcorders and PCs.

Recognising a growing trend for adventure content creators, the new Pro Plus and EVO Plus are designed with robust durability, pledging seven-proof protection.

The cards offer protection from water, temperature, x-rays, magnets and shocks, and can withstand up to five metre drops.

Both line-ups accompany a ten-year limited warranty.

The Samsung PRO Plus and EVO Plus cars will release internationally in coming weeks, with US pricing below.

Local availability and pricing is yet to be confirmed.

PRO Plus

    • 256GB: $49.99
    • 128GB: $25.99
    • 64GB: $16.99 (available November 8th)
    • 32GB: $9.99 (available November 8th)

EVO Plus

    • 256GB: $39.99
    • 128GB: $19.99
    • 64GB: $12.99
    • 32GB: $6.99

Full technical specifications and durability claims are available on Samsung’s website here.

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