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Samsung Close S20 Plant Parts Flown To Vietnam

While Samsung was rolling out their all new S20 Smartphone to the world, the South Korean Company was facing another battle internally to actually deliver units to retailers and carriers with the Coronavirus impacting production in their South Korean plants.

In what became a massive exercise the Company has shifted a large chunk of their domestic phone production to Vietnam after the Company was forced to shutdowns their South Korea production operations causing disruption to premium smartphone production.

Samsung recently begun to fly electronic components for its new Galaxy phones from China to its factories in Vietnam as the flow of goods between the two countries is restricted.

The move will not impact local supply according to Samsung officials.

On Friday closed the smartphone plant in Gumi, after the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the factory rose to six.

The Gumi plant is near Daegu, the heart of the virus outbreak in South Korea.

The company has been producing its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20, and new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, in Gumi for certain markets including South Korea.

The Company made the move in an effort to deliver “stable production” of its new range of high-end devices including their new Flip phone which is set to be launched in Australia shortly.

About 200,000 units of premium smartphone production per month will move to Vietnam.

More than half of Samsung’s smartphones are produced in Vietnam.

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