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Samsung Caught In New Galaxy Smartphone Scandal Similar To Dieselgate

First up it was dodgy Chinese smartphone brands that were caught out over stating the performance of their mobile devices, now Samsung has found themselves embroiled in their own performance scandal that has been likened to Volkswagen’s diesel gate that in 2015 saw the car manufacturer fined millions by Government regulators.

Late last week, Geekbench — a global platform that measures and compares smartphone performance — discovered that Samsung Electronics had deliberately restricted the performance of 10,000 popular apps and removed performance reference to their Galaxy S22, S21, S20 and S10 devices from their own website.

Infuriated users are crying foul, arguing that Samsung Electronics falsely advertised the performance of Galaxy S22 series.

This resulted in some users who have paid thousands for their premium Samsung Galaxy device, filing an online petition on the Cheong Wa Dae website, arguing that Samsung Electronics had failed to provide users with accurate information.

The controversy revolves around an application called game optimizing service, or “GOS.” When users play games with Galaxy S22 smartphones, GOS is activated and adjusts the performance of smartphones to help batteries last longer and prevent overheating issues.

Gamers have been taking issue with GOS for some time because the app, which cannot be switched off by the user, significantly limits the smartphone’s performance.

What’s been claimed is that Samsung has been turning on GOS for other heavy-resource apps without telling users.

“When GOS is activated, the performance (of the Galaxy S22 series) becomes worse than that of 2020 models,” the petitioner claimed.

“This is a false advertisement and hiding this issue for a long time is an issue that should be addressed.” As of Monday morning, more than 8,000 people had signed the petition.

There is also a class action movement against Samsung Electronics.

More than 3,300 users have joined an online cafe to prepare a lawsuit against the South Korean tech giant.

The cafe is reportedly in talks with legal representatives.

The Korean Herald claims that users are pointing the finger at Roh Tae-moon, chief of Samsung Electronics’ mobile division, as the person responsible for the GOS scandal.

For the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung Electronics took out a vital component in the vapor chamber.

This component helps release heat generated by chips inside smartphones.

Users suspect that Roh replaced vapor chambers with the GOS app to cut hardware costs.

Ironically Roh was recommended as a board member over the weekend for maximizing profits by “cutting costs.”

It now appears according to South Korean media reports that users are cancelling their Galaxy S22 preorders to buy an Apple iPhone.

Samsung Electronics has posted an official notice that it will conduct a software upgrade of the GOS, but it still denies that the app has been utilized for apps other than games.

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