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Samsung and Microsoft Unveil WMR Headset

Samsung’s newest entry into the virtual reality market may set a new precedent for what the technology can achieve.

The HMD Odyssey, announced today in conjunction with Microsoft, positions itself as one of the most innovative Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets on offer.

Featuring dual 3.5-inch AMOLED displays and a 110-degree field of view, users can become immersed in a virtual world thanks to 360° Spatial Sound and built-in headphones by AKG.

YG Choi, Senior Vice President of the PC Business Team for Samsung Electronics, highlighted the cutting-edge experience that consumers can expect with their new release.

“The Samsung HMD Odyssey is a high performing headset, which like all of our products, delivers meaningful innovation to our consumers’ lives.”

“Designed in partnership with Microsoft, the Samsung HMD Odyssey transports consumers to the next frontier of Windows Mixed Reality, which introduces to them to a new, industry leading virtual reality experience.”

Another advantage that Samsung’s newest product has over its competitors is the easy setup. No extra motion sensors need to be installed, and users simply have to connect the device to their computer to get started.

Bundled with array mics and two motion controllers, the Samsung HMD Odyssey will be made available in the US, China, Korea, Brazil and Hong Kong towards the end of the year, with pre-orders available immediately from the US.

Source: Samsung

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