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Samsung 4K Premiere Laser Projector Take Off

Samsung Electronics are best known for their premium TV’s but it’s their top end Premiere Laser 4K Smart Projector that’s generating sales in one of the world’s biggest TV markets.

Samsung is now ranked No. 1 in the premium home cinema projector market in the United States, a year after the electronics giant entered the market with its flagship Premiere 4K line-up.

In Australia projectors are in short supply especially Epson projectors due to shortages of DLP projectors.

The Samsung 4K Premiere projector is selling for $3,999 in Australia.

In the USA it now accounts for 27.8 percent of the US market by sales from January to October, the company said.

Samsung’s focus on ultrashort throw projectors — which use ultrashort focal point triple laser beam technology, suitable for high-definition videos with resolutions of over 4,000 pixels was initially seen as a “questionable” move.

LG Electronics showed a 4K short throw projector at CES 2019 and 2020, but their offering failed to be picked up by several retailers.

The Samsung offering requires a minimal projection distance between the device and a screen with a throw ratio of less than 0.37 to 1.

This is appealing for consumers who have limited space but want a large 100-inch display.

A Samsung executive said, “Were gaining a stronger foothold in the US”.

In the third quarter alone, 44 percent of all US sales were made by Samsung Electronics due to the fact that they had stock.

According to Samsung Electronics, their projectors offer a smart TV experience, meaning users can access a variety of streaming services ranging from Netflix to Disney+ and YouTube simply with a connection to the internet.

“More consumers are turning to ‘The Premiere’ home entertainment projectors to align them with their taste and their lifestyle,” Samsung Electronics Vice President Sung Il-kyung said in a statement. “(Samsung) will continue to launch new products tailored to a consumer demand for ultrawide screens.”

Samsung launched its premium projector line-up The Premiere in October 2020, in response to consumer demand for home theatre’s along with a spike in streaming services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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