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SA Brings World’s Largest “Virtual Power Plant” Online

In the midst of the current South Australian power crisis, AGL have flicked the switch on their new Virtual Power Plant, which they say is the largest in the world.

First revealed in August last year, the plant promises the potential to manage grid stability across the state with an estimated contribution of five megawatts of power.

Managing Director & CEO Andy Vesey said the VPP will help with both security of energy supply and help customers to save on their energy bill.

“Our South Australian VPP demonstration is a practical example of the new energy future. We’re excited Australia’s largest operating residential VPP is ‘now live’ and the sixty plus batteries in homes across Adelaide are now linked by the smart software in our partner, Sunverge’s, cloud-based platform.”

“This shows it can be done and done successfully. What we are currently seeing is the ability to simultaneously aggregate the battery discharge, which is a necessary step towards full orchestration capability. This also demonstrates the capability of the VPP to provide grid support services, including peak demand management and frequency control services, and we’ll share these results in our first public report in May this year.”

“We believe the VPP will deliver benefits for multiple groups including for customers by reducing their energy bills, the network by lowering required capital investment to upgrade infrastructure, for AGL by providing another source of generation to deploy into the network with the balance used in our portfolio, and the environment through reduced emissions,” said Mr Vesey.

AGL have released a short video explaining how the virtual power plant works online. See below:

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