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Rumours Say Apple To Make Battery Life Gains With iPhone 7

Apple is planning on giving its next iPhone a serious bump in battery life, if reports by journalist Steve Hemmerstoffer are to be believed.

Hemmerstoffer is best known for leaks and early access to Apple products.

According to him, Apple planning on incorporating a 1960mAh battery with iPhone 7.

It’s a notable improvement on the iPhone 6S, which only had a 1715mAh battery.

Speculators says this should lead to an estimated 12.5% increase in charge capacity, though the impact of that increase on battery life may vary based on application use and other factors.

It’s also quite possible that this extra charge capacity could be leveraged by Apple themselves to power a bigger screen or processor, leading to minimal improvements in battery life.

The full details for the device are expected to be unveiled in September.

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