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Back To The Start! Windows 8.1 Is Live

Back To The Start! Windows 8.1 Is LiveSo what’s new?

Windows 8.1 went on sale today, Microsoft’s attempt to stay relevant in the touch based mobile world, and clean up the fatal errors made on ‘8’, now a year old. 
Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc puts it 8.1 is Microsoft’s “vision of highly personalized mobile computing.”

After an unmitigated disaster, Windows 8.1 is a ‘richer’ experience and the much loved “Start’ button has now been put back in its rightful place, along with better functionality. (You can start your Windows at the Start screen or the desktop.)
You can make Windows floating tiles smaller and fiddle around for new sizes, new background designs and colors – personalise the Start screen, banishing stuff you don’t want. 
There’s an improved Apps view to see all your apps the way you want, LeBlanc points out.  Multitasking is better as users can now have up to four apps side by side. 
Redmond has also improved Microsoft apps line up – Skype Mail, News, Weather, Xbox Music and you can watch TV and movies with Xbox Video on the 8.1.Adobe Photoshop Express, Box, Evernote, Facebook and NOOK, for Windows 8.1. 
Keeping up with the current health craze, there’s two new Bing apps – Food & Drink and Health & Fitness. 
8.1 runs Internet Explorer 11 that syncs browsing history, favorites, and settings across all of your Windows devices. 
There’s better with SkyDrive with files are accessible across all devices, so you can create, edit, save and share files anywhere, on/offline from the cloud.

Windows 8.1 comes as a free update online through the Windows Store. Starting today, October 18th, Windows 8.1 will also be available on new devices and as a packaged DVD product at retail stores. 

If you don’t already have Windows 8,  8.1 costs A$149.99, 8.1 Pro has a RRP of $399.99, 8 Pro Pack is $249.99. 
If you on a device running Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or the Windows 8.1 Preview , click here for information in order to upgrade.