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New Solar-Powered Victrola Speakers For “Rocking” Out

Victrola, known mainly for its turntables, is heading in a new direction, outdoors.

The new Rock Speaker Connect is a Bluetooth landscape speaker that was designed for a backyard, patio, or garden.

Not to mention, it’s a solar-powered speaker, meaning it doesn’t require wires or being plugged in to keep the party hopping.

Available in Stone, Sand, and Granite finishes, these speakers were designed to blend in all types of gardens with their realistic rock-like texture.

They are rated IP65 against dust and water, meaning they can withstand light water pressure jets, like rain or a sprinkler, as well as sprays and splashes.

The one issue that could occur is the battery running out. Solar charging works slowly, and even if the speaker is outdoors 24/7, there’s not enough sunlight to fully charge it, meaning the battery could die before the party ends.

The battery is, however, 4,400mAh and comes with an included USB-C cable that can recharge the speaker in around 3.5 hours. But, to do this, the speaker will need to be moved to an outlet, or wires will need to be run via an extension.

Once fully charged, the company claims the speaker can last up to 22 hours at half volume. Half that will also be enough to last the day at full volume, due to the extra solar charge.

The speaker must be positioned in a way that exposes the solar panel to the sun.

It also has Bluetooth 5.3, allowing a stable connection up to 33 feet away, and up to 20 Victrola Rock Speaker Connects can be paired together to create an immersive stereo or surround sound experience.

The Victrola Rock Speaker Connects retail for U$99.99 each (approx. A$150). Official Australian pricing and availability have yet to be revealed.

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