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Robotic Dust Bin That Goes Walkabout

Smart home functionality may be coming to a rubbish bin near you with two tech companies designing autonomous motorised rubbish bins that can take themselves out to the curb.

Rezzi answer to the chore of taking out the rubbish is a motorised bin called SmartCan that can go walkabout on its own.

The firm is predicted to release SmartCan to the market sometime in late 2020, though no word yet on expected pricing for the robotic dust bin.

Paired with a dedicated companion app, the SmartCan can be scheduled to take out the rubbish by itself and return to a docking station.

The SmartCan is the latest recipient of the Cool Idea Award from Protolabs for innovation in automated consumer electronics technology.

Thanks to the award, Rezzi has rapidly accelerated its current prototyping phase, which has improved its production schedule by nearly six months.

Rezzi CEO, Andrew Murray wants to help people eliminate unnecessary chores from our daily lives, with the creator of SmartCan seeing a great opportunity ‘to take IoT beyond just turning off lights or turning on music’ and use it to ‘alleviate burden’.

The Bruno Smartcan, designed by inventors Jim Howard and Lori Montag, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is said to the be the first smart kitchen bin and vacuum cleaner.

Hitting two birds with one stone, the Bruno tackles both the chores of taking out the rubbish and vacuuming up the floor.

Mess is vacuumed up using sensors on the front of the bin to detect dust and debris, sucking it into the rubbish bag.

Bruno comes with an integrated bag dispenser that will automatically replace the rubbish bag, and alert users when low on replacement bags.

It is currently available on Kickstarter for an opening backing price of $149 USD.



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