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Ring Reveals New Home Alarm IoT Product Line

Notable manufacturer within the video doorbell/home security camera space, Ring, has entered the home alarm market, with the announcement of its new “Ring Protect” product line. The new product suite brings IoT (the Internet of Things) to home alarm security.

“Ring Protect” includes a base station, keypad, open and close sensors for doors and windows, passive IR sensor and a wireless range extender which is based upon Z-Wave.

The new product line is set to compliment its “Ring of Security” product family – accompanying its existing door and outdoor cameras to offer a more integrated security offering.

The new product family is app-supported with real-time notifications.

Ring Protect’s introductory bundle will retail for $199USD (before tax) and accompanies a monthly monitoring plan pack costing $10/month or $100/annum which features unlimited camera storage for all Ring cameras a consumer owns.

Reports state Ring Australia endeavour to release the “Ring Protect” line in Australia.