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Review: The Powerbeats Pro Are Designed Perfectly For Workouts

True wireless earbuds are, without a doubt, the future of headphones. Forget bothering with tangled cables and awkward headphone jacks, seamless connectivity is what the consumer wants.

People now demand flawless Bluetooth connectivity when it comes to their earphones and the new Beats Powerbeats Pro are definitely a game-changing device.

Beats by Dre is already a powerhouse audio brand which customers know will deliver on quality and style. And at $349.95, a pair of Powerbeats Pro is a product worth all the hype.

At first, I found the hooked shape a little awkward and hard to lock into my ear. Being used to the tiny, bean-shaped earbuds from the likes of Samsung and JBL, it took a while to learn how to properly wear them.

It was also a little difficult to get the gist of how the earbuds were supposed to fit back into the charging case.

The case itself is a lot bigger than a lot of the brands on the market, which makes it hard to carry around in a pocket or purse. But it is a sacrifice I was willing to make for the stylish, ergonomic design of the earbuds.

I had no issue connecting my pair of Powerbeats Pro – which I had in the colour Cloud Pink – to all my devices, including a notebook, Android phone and FitBit.

The biggest qualm I usually have with true wireless earbuds is the frustration of being unable to pair them to a phone without wanting to throw them across the room. Thankfully, connecting the Powerbeats Pro to Bluetooth was no problem at all.

After a while of no use, the Powerbeats Pro sense they are no longer in your ears and disconnect from your device. But to reconnect, it is as easy as pressing ‘Powerbeats Pro’ in your Bluetooth settings without muddling around with pairing mode again.

Now to the sound. At full volume and with a bass-heavy song, the Powerbeats Pro are unparalleled compared to any other pair of earbuds I have used. I tested a number of songs with a lot of bass depth, like RICCI’s Bang and Touch This by Hawk and there was no tinniness or distortion and it was super clear, even when the bass came thumping through at the highest volume.

The Powerbeats aren’t officially ‘noise-cancelling’, so unless the volume is hiked up to 100% you can still hear a bit of what is going on around you. This wasn’t a huge problem for me, particularly while running, as I like to be aware of traffic or other important noises.

But if you’re looking for a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds, there are plenty from brands like Bose or JBL to choose from.

The Apple-owned Powerbeats Pro are also sweat-resistant and they are marketed as perfect for workouts.

I had to test out the pair on a 5km run, and I was not disappointed.

The buds were pleasantly comfortable and didn’t move at all even when running full pelt. No matter how I moved, they didn’t seem to budge at all. This is because the hook that snakes around the back of the ear holds it in place, so the design certainly had intense exercise in mind.

The Powerbeats Pro are also great earbuds for any other type of exercise – from yoga and Pilates to HIIT workouts.

Functionally, each of the earbuds have a centre playback control button where the Beats logo is, plus a volume rocker. If you have ‘Hey Siri’ enabled on your iPhone, you can control your music this way too.

It’s easy to skip tracks with a double press and to go back you need to tap three times. Again, this is a great function especially for changing songs while mid-workout.

Even better, the earbuds sense when you put them into your ear and automatically start playing the music if the Powerbeats are already paired to a phone.

There’s also an Audio Sharing features which lets you connect two pairs of Powerbeats Pro to one iPhone.

It’s pertinent to point out the Powerbeats Pro are only IPX4 splash-resistant. This means they can withstand a bit of sweat or a splash of water but they are not entirely waterproof.

The earbuds are designed with an Apple H1 Chip, which makes for extended range from your phone. It also has nine hours of charging time on a full battery, plus it only takes around an hour and a half in the charging case to get it back to 100%.

Five minutes of Fast Fuel charging also gives 1.5 hours of playback when the battery is low.

I did notice after wearing the earbuds for a few hours at time there was a little discomfort in my ears, but I haven’t found a pair of earbuds that don’t hurt after hours of continuous use.

In my opinion, the Powerbeats Pro are the best true wireless earphones for workouts on the market.

If you’re happy to pay the price – $349 at JB Hi-Fi , which is a little more expensive than most earbuds on the market – you won’t be disappointed by the design or sound.


Incredible sound

Comfortable fit

Sweat resistant

Quick charging


No noise cancelling

Big charging box

Verdict: 8/10

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