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Review: The Fitbit Inspire 2 Is An Entry-Level Fitness Tracker That Combines Style With Comfort

This month, Fitbit released three new smartwatches just a few months before the collective global fitness pledge we all make on New Year’s Eve.

And the company is determined the devices will transform a user’s health 24 hours a day.

The cheapest of the three launches is the Inspire 2, a step above the company’s original Inspire series smartwatch.

Product render of Fitbit Inspire 2, dramatic view, in Lunar White and Black.

At $179.99, the Inspire 2 is the perfect little device for amateurs wanting to kickstart their health and fitness journey. The LCD watch-face is less confronting and much simpler than the Versa and Sense and opts for comfort and convenience over size.

A lot is packed into that tiny screen – the curved edges are stunning, and it is ergonomically designed so the watch seamlessly locks onto your wrist. It’s hard not to notice the large watch faces on the more expensive Fitbit watches, so if you’re looking for something sleek, simple and stylish that won’t get in the way then the Inspire 2 is the right product.

I had the lunar-white band which is nicely blends in with most outfits and active wear without being too ostentatious.

While the comfortable wearability is the first thing I noticed, I found the watch face and interface isn’t the most obvious upgrade from earlier versions such as the Charge 4, Inspire and Inspire HR.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch which you can more easily take calls, respond to texts, use Fitbit pay and personalise the interface, then the Sense or Versa might be a better alternative.

But when it comes to the main function – tracking important stats and user health – the Inspire 2 certainly delivers. It comes with 12 months of premium for free which completely revolutionises the way users can interact with and monitor their own fitness journey.

There are over 20 exercise options including run, swim, bike, treadmill, weights and intervals available on the Inspire 2. The only problem I encountered was the lack of auto-pause, which would be a blessing on the ‘run’ function. Manually pressing pause became a bit of an issue so the statistics presented at the end of a big run i.e. pace are not always 100% true.

Auto-pause is available in other Fitbit products such as the Charge 4, Versa and Ionic.

Having the smaller LCD screen also made me feel a lot more comfortable using the Inspire 2 underwater during swim sessions. The swim exercise tracker was fantastic and is an excellent motivator.

The one thing I found it was missing during workouts was built-in GPS, which a reflection of the lower price. It just means I had to take my phone with me or have it nearby during workouts. It also doesn’t have an altimeter, so the device won’t track floors climbed.

Fitbit has a renewed focus on Active Zone Minutes, which is superior indicator of health than simply counting footsteps. Fitbit uses your pulse and age to determine your physical activity with Active Zone Minutes and the company says this helps support health, weight management, and disease prevention far more than a footstep count.

The Inspire 2 also has fantastic visibility in direct sunlight, which is a win for outdoor workouts, but the smaller face does make it a little hard to connect with the touch screen during those sweaty runs.

A big plus of the smaller, cheaper Fitbit is of course the battery life, which is an impressive 10 days on the Inspire 2, depending how you use it.

The charger also gives the Inspire 2 hours’ worth of juice after only minutes on the dock, too.

One of the biggest improvements Fitbit has made to this device is the advanced female health tracking, which is a big plus for female users. It incorporates period tracking, in-app medical content and the ability to record symptoms.

Fitbit also promised it is working on pregnancy-tracking technology which could be available in future updates for premium users.

The Inspire 2 is a basic smartwatch and health tracker with a few premium features packed in which makes it a great value for money.

The device does not have the fancy features its siblings Versa and Sense have – which put them firmly in the plus $200 market – but it will do the job and do it well if you’re looking to achieve early health goals and begin your fitness journey.

The Inspire 2 is the perfect entry level smartwatch and as serious users develop their fitness, Fitbit has plenty more in the family for upgrades as your needs change.


Stylish and simple design

Fitbit Premium is free for 12 months

Active Zone Minutes

Female Health Tracking

Easy to navigate

Battery life


No built-in GPOS

No auto-pause

Smaller, rudimentary screen



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