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REVIEW: SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD (1TB)

SanDisk’s latest pocket-sized Solid State Drive boasts a lot of space and premium performance in a tiny package.

Boasting 1TD of space, and lightning-quick 2000MB/second write speeds, SanDisk’s portable hard drive boasts enough power to act as your main hard drive, or as the perfect backpack item for those emergency situations where you have the need for speed.

Unless you’re rendering a Pixar film, you’ll find you can edit files straight from the hard drive without any notable lag, due to the impressive 2000MB/second read speed. At the size and weight of a packet of footy cards, you can literally carry it on your person at all times without it seeming like an inconvenience. The design even allows you to clip it to a wallet or bag.

But what good is a portable SSD if it isn’t rugged enough to withstand travel conditions?

Luckily, the Extreme Pro Portable SSD has a forged aluminium body, with a rubber covering making it water and dust resistant. It can also withstand drops of two metres, although it’s best to not test this feature too often. Likewise, water proof and water resistance are two different things, so don’t go swimming with this in your pockets unless you enjoy danger.

You can also password protect your files, in case of a backpack invasion.

Priced at $318, this little unit offers a professional grade SSD that isn’t too delicate for life on the road. Buy now.

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