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REVIEW: Knock, Knock Who’s There? New Arlo Doorbell

Knock, knock, who’s there? Arlo, I can’t talk right now so just press the bell and I will re direct you to the right people?

If you think this is far-fetched, you are wrong because Arlo has recently released a new voice activated door bell that directs the call to your mobile phone via an app if you are not home.

Costing $129 this device has no camera but it does include a motion sensor that can alert when someone comes close to your door.

It’s easy to install and once it’s connected to the Arlo Chimes which work by simply plugging the Chimes into a power source preferably close to where you can clearly hear them you have a low cost security solution that works both when you are at home and away.

An added advantage is that if someone approaches the door but doesn’t ring the bell a white light appears around the doorbell a bit like a guiding light.

It also alerts a visitor that their presence has been detected.

I was able to easily set this device up. I simple drilled two holes in a door frame and mounted the backing plate which also houses the batteries.

I then inserted the batteries and set up the device via the Arlo app. One word of warning you must have the facing plate off the connect the device to your Wi Fi network and router.

Unlike the Ring doorbell which costs $328 for the Ring Doorbell 2 the Arlo device is devoid of a camera. For some this could be a disadvantage, but the price benefit could be an advantage when all you want to do is talk to someone at your door.

What I recommend is that you invest in an Arlo camera because a stand alone Arlo camera delivers superior vision and overall security options than a camera built into a small front door bell.

By combining the Arlo doorbell with a superior security camera, you get the benefit of auto sensing.

For example, if the doorbell senses motion, for example, lights on the front and side of the house can turn on. The doorbell ties into this and it’s possible to, for example, have all your Arlo outdoor lights come on if the doorbell sense motion.

To achieve this, you have to take time to follow the instructions and program the two devices to work together.

As for the knock, knock sound, the Chime is loud and clear, and you would have to be deaf not to hear it.


If all you want is a unique doorbell that allows you to talk to visitors when you are away from home the new Arlo doorbell is the answer. It priced competitively and works as designed. It’s easy to install and configure and is also a product that be the start point to a total home security network.

Rating 9/10