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REVIEW: Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds Are Cheap & Cheerful

When I opened the Google Pixel USB-C earbuds with their plain packing and uninspired look, I was underwhelmed but I changed my mind when I put them on.

For barely the cost of a month’s worth of coffees at $45, the Google Pixel earbuds seriously deliver in the budget category. Sure, they are not wireless or are they noise cancelling, which would put off some buyers, but for someone like me who consistently forgets to charge my earbuds, this product is a necessity.

Also, using the USB-C earbuds bring me back to simpler days when you can easily keep your earbuds on hand in your wallet or briefcase for listening to whatever it is people listen to on their phones and laptops.

In 2023, the standard wired earbud has already died a slow death as the earbud jack is offered in premium phones less and less – now it’s all about the USB-C.

Additionally, for the price point, users won’t be too devastated if they lose or break them and because the Google Pixel USB-C earbuds construction is superior to most models in this category and price class.

The fit was ideal and melded to my ear, but they are also adjustable if the fit is not right.

The earbuds are assembled from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, which gives them a sturdy feel and should ensure they have a decent lifespan after purchase.

The Pixel Buds that Google launched back in 2017 may have been disappointing but these cheap and cheerful Pixel USB-C Earbuds give consumers major value for cost.

I tried the Google Pixel USB-C earbuds against my ancient earbuds I use for my work laptop and noticed that the sound did not distort at all even against the rap music I tested the Pixel earbuds against.

Against my high-end Bose Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds, the Pixel earbuds do pale in comparison with bass and tremble but for what they are, I’d recommend them as an easy, inexpensive option for those on a budget.

Features of the wired, adjustable looped earbuds include, USB-C port connection, compatibility with Pixel phones offering features such as Google Assistant integration, and 24-bit digital audio.

Additional specifications of the Pixel USB-C Earbuds include a mic, a cord length of 112.3 cm (44 in) and an in-line remote with microphone and volume, audio, call, and Google Assistant control.

I tested the earbuds at the office and with my colleague next to me, I would say the noise cancellation is near non-existent because the earbuds lack a good seal in the ear.

For the bass, it’s there but its lightweight and would not impress an audiophile but at least there was not any distortion that I noticed.

If you would like to completely disconnect from the world around you, these are not the earbuds for you, but they are good for a work environment if you need to hear your colleagues call your name for a surprise meeting.

If you are in the market for a cheap, easy, pair of earbuds you don’t need to charge (hallelujah!), I recommend the Google Pixel USB-C earbuds. Also great for the upcoming holidays for stocking stuffers.


The Google Pixel USB-C earbuds are a steal for $45 at JB Hi-Fi and offer premium sound for a super low price point. My recommendation, get some as your emergency pair and for your kids who probably do not deserve a nice pair or would destroy them in a week’s time.


  • Great sound and well-known brand for incredible price
  • Comfort on ear


  • Lack of bass
  • Lacking in detail and clarity
  • No noise cancellation

Rating: 8.5