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Revealed: 2021 Apple iMacs To Come In Five Nostalgic Colours

Noted Apple tipster Jon Prosser has leaked images of the 2021 range of iMac desktop computers, revealing the redesigned Apple Macs will ship in five new colours.

Prosser says the iMacs will have five colour options: Silver, Space Grey, Green, Sky Blue and Rose Gold.

Concept imagery of the 2021 iMacs show the vibrant suite of computers, an interesting throwback to the original colourful Macs from the late ‘90s and early noughties.

Apple is banking on nostalgia to drive sales for the redesigned 2021 iMac, Prosser claims. The original Apple Mac came in a selection of colours including lime, strawberry, blueberry, grape and tangerine.

Fun colour schemes appear to be Apple’s latest marketing tool. It released the iPad Air in a range of similar palettes, too.


The 2021 models appear to have slimmer bezels and it is expected the computers will be powered by Apple’s Silicon chips.

Imagery of the unreleased Apple iMacs only show the models from behind, so the front display is anyone’s guess.

Prosser also shared details about the upcoming Mac Pro with Apple Silicon, which he says will be half the size of the current Mac Pro and will have a mostly aluminum exterior.

The Apple leaker says the design will resemble “three to four Mac minis stacked on top of each other”.

Apple has not confirmed launch details for the 2021 iMac models or Mac Pro, however a Spring launch event is slated for later this year.


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