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Retailers Worried, Shares In Sony & Nintendo Tank After Google Gaming Platform Reveal

Hours after Google announced a new gaming platform shares in Japanese console makers Nintendo and Sony tanked.

The new as yet unproven platform that is not coming to Australia in the short term is being tipped as a ‘game changer’ by some analysts.

What Google is hoping for is that they can push into the $135bn gaming industry with a cloud-based offering generating revenue from low cost subscriptions and advertising in front of gamers.

Nintendo and Sony shares were down nearly 4 per cent in early trading.

Called Stadia the new service will stream games directly from Google’s servers to computers, televisions and mobile devices, bypassing the need for dedicated console hardware.

The latest moves leave shares in Nintendo down 39% and Sony down 30% per respectively from their 2018 peak.

Share price falls in recent months have sparked debate over the future of console gaming.

Wired said of the move, For the games industry, Google Stadia is both an exciting opportunity and a looming crisis. It’s exciting because in the blink of an eye Google will remove almost all barriers to entry in gaming and allow anyone to play any game on any device.

That’s huge. But it’s a looming crisis because this is Google. And Google runs YouTube. It’s an almighty crisitunity.

Right now, Google Stadia isn’t really anything other than a bold, technically impressive demo. And boy is it impressive. But caveats abound. In the stop-start history of games streaming – and let’s face it, it’s mostly been stop – we’ve been here before. But Stadia is tantalisingly different: it’s an ambitious bid to create a single platform for gaming and fundamentally change the entire industry. And Google definitely has the skills to pull it off.

The Verge said, ‘The future of gaming is not a box,” according to Google. “It’s a place.” Just like how humans have built stadiums for sports over hundreds of years, Google believes it’s building a virtual stadium, aptly dubbed Stadia, for the future of games to be played anywhere.

You won’t need an expensive gaming PC or a dedicated game console. Instead, you’ll just need access to Google’s Chrome browser to instantly play games on a phone, tablet, PC, or TV. It’s a bold vision for where gaming is heading, and Google hopes its Stadia cloud streaming service will make it a reality.

Google may have just unveiled the future of gaming at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), but it’s a future the company has left us knowing very little about.




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