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Release Details Confirmed For Samsung’s New ViewFinity Computer Monitor

The release details for Samsung’s new ViewFinity S9 5K computer monitor have been revealed.

Launched at CES 2023 in January, now with key information dropped noting the 5K 27 inch monitor will be available from August for US$1,599.99 (approx. $2,349.11 AUD), still yet to be announced.

Designed for pro users, with the promise of a wide colour gamut of 99% DCI-P3 and Delta E <2 calibration. The brightness is expected to be 600 cd/m2 and the pixel density 218 PPI. Also expected to arrive with the Smart Calibration technology relying on a companion smartphone and SmartThings app.

Samsung said in a press release, “users can choose to calibrate in Basic mode for a quick and easy adjustment of white balance and gamma settings, or they can use Professional mode for complete control of colour temperature, luminance, colour space and gamma settings. Users can start this process simply by pointing their smartphone camera at the ViewFinity S9, and after calibration, they can view a report detailing the adjustments made and the Delta E colour accuracy.”

The company are also boasting the TUV-certified Intelligent Eye Care feature, helping to reduce eye strain, and can rotate 90 degrees and sit in portrait.

Also equipped with a built in 4K SlimFit camera for video calling, along with Smart TV and Gaming Hub experiences.

UK, AUD and other pricing still to be released, Samsung are promising a global release of the monitor.


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