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Razor Notebooks Nobbled By Windows 10 Upgrade

Gaming PC manufacturer Razer has been forced to warn customers to proceed with caution when installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

The problem appears to be compatibility issues relating to built in hardware such as trackpads and keyboards.

Razer’s community forum users have reported problems occurring after installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which began rolling out to Windows 10 machines last week.

Forum poster Kokorone ran into trouble and warned fellow Razer laptop users to avoid the update: “It is known that all Razer laptop systems are incompatible with Windows 10 Version 1709 Build 16299.15 that is rolling out today. DO NOT UPDATE.”

Kokorone found that the Fall Creators Update problems appears to be down to Razer not having compatible drivers to support the updated version of Windows 10, which is causing trackpads, keyboards and USB peripherals to stop working when their laptop was woken up from sleep mode while on battery power.

Another user said that when waking from sleep on battery power, any Razer Laptop will have all peripherals, including the trackpad and keyboard, fail to work until the computer is rebooted. This does not occur when connected to a power source,” wrote Kokorone.

And three other posters noted further issues with the Fall Creators Update including increased battery consumption. This would indicate that the problem could be more than an isolated compatibility issue, though four people suffering problems means it’s a little too early to say.

Razer’s current response is to not upgrade to the latest version of Windows and, if you have, try to roll back to the previous version.

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