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Razer Annouce Android Wireless ‘Raiju Mobile’ Controller

With mobile gaming becoming more and more popular, notable gaming brand Razer announced a new must-have accessory for Android gamers: the Razer Raiju Mobile wireless gaming controller at the launch for the Razel Phone 2 gaming phone.

The Raiju Mobile wireless controller grants improved functionality and accuracy to gameplay than onscreen controls can provide.

The Raiju Mobile controller is a mobile game-pad with a phone mount and Bluetooth connectivity that brings a full-fledged console game-pad to mobile gaming.

Featuring four remappable multi-function buttons, Razer Mecha-Tactile action buttons, a hair trigger mode and an adjustable phone mount, gamers get enhanced precision and perfect viewing angles for their favourite mobile games.

The design of the new controller is a mix of the Razer Wolverine controller and the Raiju PlayStation 4 controller. Keys and thumb-sticks can be customised via the Razer Android app.

“When playing games on your phone, switching to the Raiju almost feels like cheating,” said Michael Weitz Razer product marketing manager. “But it’s not cheating. It’s just a having a good controller.”

The Raiju Mobile is designed for use with the Razer Phone 2, however, it is compatible with all smartphones running Android 6.0 via Bluetooth or by connecting with a USB-C plug. Plus, there is an adapter for phones with a Micro-USB ports.

For gamers that enjoy switching from smartphones to PC, PC compatibility is in the future for this controller. Meaning if you tire of playing on your phone, you can switch to your PC and continue using the same controller.

The Razer Raiju Mobile wireless gaming controller will be available later this year. Razer hasn’t announced pricing at the time of writing.

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