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Quay Tucker Sets Off Norton’s Tasty Deal For Wi-Fi Users

Quay Tucker Sets Off Norton’s Tasty Deal For Wi-Fi Users

Symantec has launched its Symantec Norton Wi-Fi Privacy product in Australia. The title is a bit clumsy, but Norton is a powerful name in this area and Symantec, being the owner, wants its name front and centre.

So a tad naff in the titling but, still, it is Norton and in the area of computer security that name matters. We are assured “with Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, all of your most sensitive data that you send and receive from your device like passwords and credit card numbers is encrypted and converted into an unreadable, untraceable form until it reaches its destination.” Good.

How it works is this: you are going to access the Internet from, say, your favourite coffee shop. You connect a small black box – both elegant and appropriate – to your mobile device – and it filters your connections to the Internet.

Think of it as a travel-ready network user’s French (if you’ll pardon the expression) letter …

Will it give you total protection from hackers when you are using unsecured Wi-Fi networks? I think so. When you sit in the coffee shop and check your credit card you are safe. Almost certainly. More than probably.

Is it worth the money? The proposed $40 a year seems reasonable, especially as this is Norton.

The product was introduced to reptiles of the Aussie press, including this one, by an excellent presenter Mark Goodie, director of the Norton Business Unit, over a splendid lunch at Sydney’s Quay restaurant.

Indeed, the presentation was almost as good as the tucker. – Gareth Powell

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